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The Faces of Razzle Marketing

Razzle Marketing is a team of two –(cool ladies😎) plus a furry, four-legged assistant.
For years, these two ladies talked about beating the boring 9 to 5 jobs–or more like the two minimum wage jobs they had to keep to live– and start a successful, prosperous business.
And now they’ve done it.
They created Razzle together, based on their shared values. They chose online marketing because it’s one of the best jobs to be creative, different, and show off their dazzle.
In the times of online shopping and big box businesses who sell cheap products (and we mean cheap), small local businesses get lost in the jungle of it all. #welcometothejungle🐯
Razzle wants to help small local businesses outshine those money-hungry predators (who don’t care about their employees and customers). Because we know small business owners are the ones delivering quality over quantity.
Scroll below for finer details for each team member.

Jordan Johnston


Jordan is an educated and ambitious family gal. She’s new to not only being a business owner, but also being a mom–both are exciting challenges for her.
Starting Razzle with Rylee has given her a new freedom to use her abilities and combine some of her favourite things: organizing, writing, creating, and talking to people!
She has enjoyed the challenges that have come with not only starting a new business, but a new business with her best friend.
Jordan’s favourite social media platform is Snapchat. She loves being able to capture things in the moment and share it with her loved ones and friends. She also loves being able to save her Snapchats and scroll back through her years of memories.

Email me: info.razzlemarketing@gmail.com

Rylee Shumay


Rylee has gained years of experience in the workforce. From customer service work, to cleaning, to trying to heal the wounded, she can say she has a wide variety of skills that she’s been able to apply to multiple areas of her life.
Rylee has completed schooling for Administration, as well as Medical Transcriptionist, among other odd courses that peaked her interest. But nothing in the world of occupation allowed her to fully express her creativity and potential. 
Until one day, in 2019, while chatting with her best friend Jordan; she joked that Rylee should start a business with her in online marketing, and it turned out, that  was something that piqued Rylee’s interest!
And now she is here,🌈🌈 working hard with her friend to create a wonderful social world and help small businesses outshine the big box stores.
Rylee’s favourite social media platform is YouTube. Not everyone will agree that it is a social media app, but Rylee simply disagrees. She says that Youtube allows people to fully shine and show who they are and what they want to present to us, and there is nothing better to Rylee then getting your point across and doing it creatively.

Email me: info.razzlemarketing@gmail.com


Jordan’s Assistant

Aspen loves to play and nibble! She’s great at keeping morale up in Jordan’s home office and loves to snuggle up while work is being done–usually. Sometimes Aspen would rather play than work.
Well, what’s life with all work and no play though, eh?🐶🐾

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