Accountability Resolution

Check Ins:

By April 3, 2020: The Razzle team would like have at least one client that we can foster a relationship with as we help build their brand. We also will take a course for Instagram Advertising to be able to offer it as a service in the near future.

By July 3, 2020: We would to love to be creating content/ads for at least one more business owner. We will be offering Instagram Advertising to our clients!

By October 3, 2020: We want to have at least four clients on for the long-term. We also want to have created a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their customer/income goals, building up our online portfolio.

By January 3, 2021: We want to have successfully on-boarded at least six long-term clients. We also want to start looking into expanding our services further, again. 💪😏

On our one year anniversary, we are planning something for the people who have supported and followed our journey–since they have been an integral part to our success (because we will succeed).

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